Our Contract Manufacturing Process

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Pet Supplement Contract Manufacturers With a Personal Touch

When you reach out to us, expect a fast, professional response from a pet supplement manufacturing specialist who will listen to your needs and guide your project to success.

You’ve taken a big step by creating your own line of pet supplements, and we are as serious about protecting your brand with quality, consistency, and compliance as you are.

Exploration & Discovery

Exploration & Discovery

Every project begins with a one-on-one discovery call where we gather critical details about the product, including your vision, the ingredients, supplement type, flavor, and target pricing.

Regardless of whether you are new to animal supplements or a seasoned professional looking for a new supplier, we manage every discovery call like the beginning of a long-term relationship.

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Research & Design

The Formula For Success

We do not charge for Research and Development, nor will we skip it to save time.

This is a critical, interactive process of refinement as we find the optimal balance of quality ingredients, palatability, and cost. Our team will test the product for efficacy and taste, ensuring animals love the flavor and the health benefits.

All products we make are checked by the best taste testers we know -- our own pets.

We wouldn't make a supplement that's not good enough for our pets, and our free palatability study on your product will include a personal tasting session with them.

We will also help your product launch with a low MOQ. Our minimum order quantities are determined by pounds instead of units, and we will consult you on ways to save money by adjusting container size, servings, and other factors.


Production and Testing

After getting the formula and packaging requirements, we will provide an early estimate of costs and minimum order quantities (MOQ) for your approval.

Our production team will then create a product sample for your team to review and approve. When the formula is confirmed, we will review a final estimate of packaging, MOQs, and cost with you to ensure expectations are met.

Our manufacturing process includes third-party testing to confirm the quality, consistency, and safety of the supplement in preparation for delivery.

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Finished product

Distribution to Your Partners

As an added service, our team is happy to send your product to Amazon distribution centers or any partners your company works with. Our team is ready to deliver your amazing new pet supplement wherever it needs to go.

Product launch

Your Product is Ready

Pop the champagne and celebrate. It’s time to sell your profitable new line of pet supplements and make a lasting impact on the wellness of our four-legged friends.

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Request a Free Consultation With a Specialist

Let’s discuss your vision for the product, including ingredients, supplement type, and target price point. This exploration will help us determine a scope of work and a quote, so you can see whether we are a good fit.