Our Process for Private
Labeling Pet Supplements

Achieve Fast, Easy Growth For Your Brand With Our Top-Selling Formulas

Our turn-key process offers incredible growth opportunities for brands interested in private label pet supplements.


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Choose Your Products

Take advantage of 50 years of private label pet supplements manufacturing expertise and a team specializing in helping businesses like yours succeed.

Whether you are new to private labeling or looking for an alternative supplier, you will have access to some of the most innovative pet supplements on the market.

As an NASC Preferred Supplier, we offer high-quality canine and feline formulations renowned for palatability and texture. Our products include probiotics, joint and immune support, and behavioral pet supplements in a variety of formats to suit any taste.

If you are interested in adapting one of our private labeling formulas into a new product, check out our contract manufacturing services and learn about the possibilities.

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Submit Your Logos & Artwork

Design is a critical component of private labeling success. Our consultants will provide you with specifications for your label design, along with tips for making your brand stand out on the shelf.

We will also consult your graphic designer on language that needs to be included to meet regulatory standards.

Approve Your Label

After submitting your artwork, you will receive a final label draft for approval before we place your order. In addition, we can add product quality guarantees that reassure pet owners about the health benefits and potency of your supplement.

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Place Your Order

We strive to make minimum order quantities (MOQs) as flexible as possible so your company can scale and grow.

Our soft chew minimums are 504 units, while most other pet supplement manufacturers require 800 units. MOQs for other supplement types may vary based on ingredients, but your consultant will advise you on ways to save money by adjusting container size and servings if needed.

Receive Shipment

Our team will help you save time and ship your product to approved distribution centers wherever our products are authorized for resale.

This turnkey process makes it easy to launch your new pet supplements with confidence and immediacy. Learn more about our unique formulations and how they can help your company boost revenue and build trust among your customers.

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Request a Free Consultation With a Specialist

Let’s discuss your vision for the product, including ingredients, supplement type, and target price point. This exploration will help us determine a scope of work and a quote, so you can see whether we are a good fit.